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Salah al-Din Citadel

l The Salah al-Din Citadel is one of the oldest non-pharaonic landmarks in the city. Saladin began building a fortress over Mount Mokattam, but he could not complete it in his life. It was completed by Sultan Al-Kamel bin Al-Adel. The first one to occupy it was the King and took it as king's palace. It continued until the reign of Muhammad Ali, one of the most important traces of the medieval world. The castle also contains a number of archaeological museums such as the museum of vehicles, the military museum and the garden museum. Also there is the magnificent Jawhara Palace (Jewelry Palace). It was built in 1814 and includes the governor's administration. It was used as a personal residence for the former Egyptian ruler and the walls of the palace are adorned with golden engravings. Features of Othoman architecture. One of the most important features of the palace is the clock, where an hour is used to decorate the walls of the palace. The castle also contains several mosques, including the Mosque of Muhammad Ali and Mosque of victory Mohammed bin Qalawun. The visitor can also climb to the highest tower in the castle and watch Cairo from the top and take some pictures of the memorial, as it is a beautiful scenery.