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The Mosque of Mohammed Ali - Cairo

The Mosque of Mohammed Ali, a mosque built in the style of the Ottoman style of the Mosque of Ayia Sophia in Istanbul, built by Muhammad Ali Pasha inside the Citadel of Salah al-Din in the Egyptian capital Cairo, between the period 1830 to 1848. One ...


Al-Azhar mosque - Cairo

Al-Azhar mosque, one of the most important mosques in Egypt and the most famous in the Islamic world, which dates back more than a thousand years . It was established by Jawhar al-Saqali when Cairo was opened in 970 AD by order of the first Fatimid C...


Ibn Tulun Mosque - Cairo

Ibn Tulun Mosque is a mosque built by Ahmad ibn Tulun, one of the Turkish Mamluks in 263 AH. The minaret of the mosque is the oldest minaret in Egypt, the only remaining mosque which has not changed its features for hundreds of years.


Imam Hussein Mosque - Cairo

Imam Hussein Mosque was built during the Fatimids in 549 AH corresponding to the year 1154 AD under the supervision of Minister Saleh Talai. The mosque is named after this name because some believe that the head of Imam Hussein was buried there.


The Coptic Museum - Cairo

The Coptic Museum This museum was opened in ancient Egypt within the boundaries of the fortress of Babylon, whose remains are located behind the museum building, but there were many additions in the era of the Roman empires and added to it by the Rom...


Khan Al Khalili - Cairo

Khan Al Khalili is one of the oldest markets in the Middle East, over 600 years old. Its original architecture remains intact from the Mamluk era until now. It has a great tourist attraction for the visitors of Cairo and Egypt in general. It is chara...


Salah al-Din Citadel - Cairo

l The Salah al-Din Citadel is one of the oldest non-pharaonic landmarks in the city. Saladin began building a fortress over Mount Mokattam, but he could not complete it in his life. It was completed by Sultan Al-Kamel bin Al-Adel. The first one to oc...