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Medical Facilities & Pharmacies Information

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The health ministry through its departments (clinics – quarantine ) provide medical facilities to the passengers and the staff through doctors and nurses 24/7 and transfer the emergency cases to the nearest hospitals in the ambulance 24/7 . They also monitor the arriving passengers and follow up their health conditions especially coming from plagued countries that can harm public health. In case of infection there are some steps to be taken. There is also the vet quarantine concerning certificates issued to animals and monitor the breeds allowed to enter to stop any disease spreading or some breeds that harm external environment in addition to pharmaceutical release department .


Target groups

  • People traveling and coming
  • Incoming goods which are on board the means of transport (aircraft - ship - cars)
  • Mail: newspapers, books, and publications are not subject to any health procedure except: (Letters) Leather, animal products and their residues (feathers - bone – bowel) – used clothes- blood samples - human skulls – brushes for hair coming to the country
  • Grains and Ash
Services provided

For travelers (vaccinations to protect against epidemic diseases through the International Vaccine Office) and the distribution of guidance cards for infectious diseases or modern diseases that include methods of infection and prevention.

  • Procedures for persons coming from the affected country
    • Controversy of arrivals and isolation of suspected cases of fever hospitals and preventive room
    • Ensure the presence of certificates of international vaccination in the possession of those coming from countries infected with yellow fever
    • Conduct a health survey on a random sample of pilgrims coming from the Hajj season to make sure they are free of the Corona virus
  • The various means of transport coming from infected places to be sure to spray them with pesticides and be sure to be cleared before taking off if a suspicious case was on board and transferred to the hospital
  • Various messages are released in accordance with international regulations
Terminal 1

There is a pharmacy in the departure hall outside the customs office working 24 hours.

Terminal 2

There is a pharmacy in the transit area second floor Building (B)
There is an integrated medical center attached to the building outside the customs office next to the (VIP) building.

Terminal 3

There is a pharmacy in the departure hall outside the customs office working 24 hours.

El Ezaby Pharmacies

Terminal 1   Departure

Al baqulawy

Terminal 2   Departure

Samy Farid

Terminal 3   Departure

Al Nady Pharmacy

Terminal 2   Arrival
Arrival Hall