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1- The management of deposits and lost is dedicated for keeping the deposited and lost baggage until it is handed over to its owners after covering all the legal procedures .

2- The definition of “lost baggage”: it is the one which is found devoid of any details of passenger or any airline label.

3- The definition of “deposited baggage”: it is the one which is delivered by a passenger to the deposits management until coming back for its retrieval.

4- The definition of “transit baggage”: it is the one which is kept by an airline in the deposits management till its retrieval.


1- A tripartite committee should be constituted ,in case of losing a baggage , including police security of passengers, customs management and Cairo Airport Company security with the aim of inspecting baggage contents as well as releasing a report of it to be delivered to the management of deposits in Cairo International Airport .

2- A separated report should be released in case of finding precious things inside the baggage which should be sent consequently to the customs depository.

3- To ask for lost baggage, it is to call the number of the deposits management noted down.

4- Baggage shall be received after identifying it by the passenger himself under a passport or by any person who could be assigned for receiving it by power of attorney issued from the land registry.

5- Passenger will head to the information office in the departure hall (1) and call the extension number (4458) of the deposits management to complete the procedures of customs zone entry in order to identify the baggage including its contents and finally receiving it.

6- The passenger shall head to the customs outlet after receiving the baggage for performing an inspection over it and paying the customs fees if any

7- Time for queries and receiving baggage is available daily except in Friday and Saturday as of 08:30AM to 14:30 PM.

Lost and Found

In case of the passengers loses his bag he have to follow the following steps after making a report upon arrive, and receiving a call from the airline:

  • Proceed to the lost baggage office in the arrival hall outside the customs zone .
  • A special pass issued to enter the customs zone to collect the bag, 24 hours after arrival .
  • After collecting the bag proceed to customs area for inspection and pay the customs clearance, if any.
Contact for Lost and Found
Lost and found Terminal 1 ( all Airlines expect Egypt Air ) +20 2 2265 -5246 / +20 2 2265 -4458 / +2012 0003 8964
Lost and Found ( Transfer Passengers only) +20 2 2265 2111 / +20 2 2265 -4458 /+2012 0003 8964
Egypt Air Lost and Found – Terminal 1 +20 2 2265-7328
Egypt Air ( lost and Found Luggage Store) +20 2 22657228 /+20 2 22657243

In case of loosing your luggage in the airport , this situation will be handled as soon as possible.

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