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Entry Visa

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Entry visas for nationals of the League of Arab States:

Fees and Charges Required: There are no fees

Procedures for service delivery: General Rule: The nationals of the League of Arab States are exempted from obtaining entry visas. The following countries are exempted from this rule: they require a prior visa: Lebanon, Palestine, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Somalia, Iraq, Mauritania, Sudan, and the Comoros. - Djibouti, in the case of grant of visa is granted without a fee.

Visas for nationals of African countries:

Fees and Charges Required: The visa fee is US $ 15 for one trip and US $ 19 for more than one trip.

Procedures for service delivery: Citizens of all African countries are required to obtain prior entry visas, except for the nationals of Guinea Conakry.

Visa for Asian nationals:

Fees and Charges Required: A fee of US $ 15 for a single visa and US $ 19 for a multiple-entry visa.

Procedures for service delivery: General Rule - A visa may be granted from the ports of entry and excluding nationals of the following countries: Afghanistan, China, Mongolia, Vietnam, South East Asia (Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Myanmar) where they must obtain prior visas from our diplomatic missions From 20 to 45 years.

Visas for citizens of European countries:

Fees and Charges Required: Visa fee is US $ 15 for one trip and US $ 19 for multiple flights.

Procedures for service delivery: They can obtain a visa from Egyptians consulates abroad and can be granted an entry visa from the ports of arrival, except where they must obtain an entry visa in advance the following countries:

The new Commonwealth countries (Belarus, Moldova, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan). Bosnia and Herzegovina of Egyptian origin.

Nationals of other countries exempt from visas:

Procedures for service delivery: (Hong Kong - Guinea Conakry - Macao province) are allowed entry without visas. Nationals of Malaysia: If they have been traveling for less than 15 days and if so, an advance visa is required .

Entry to the designated area through South Sinai ports:

Procedures for service delivery: Arrivals via South Sinai ports(Taba port, Taba airport, Sharm El-Sheikh airport, Sharm El-Sheikh port, Nuweiba sea port, St. Catherine airport) to visit the Gulf of Aqaba, St. Catherine and Taba areas without visas and are allowed to stay for 15 days )To visit the specific area only. Facilities for foreigners coming to visit the designated area via South Sinai ports do not apply to countries that require prior visas. Who wish to change the seal of the visit of the region to the seal of arrival all over the country go to a section of passports at the ports of South Sinai to amend the ring with the collection of the visa fee.


Fees and Charges Required:

51.10 LE Visa return for one trip.

61.10 LE Visa return for several trips.

Procedures for service delivery: Foreigners who are licensed for temporary tourist accommodation can obtain return visas for travel and then return to resume their previous residence without requiring them for new entry visas provided they return during the validity of the return visa. Non-tourist temporary residents are not required to obtain a return visa if they travel and return during their stay, provided that their absence does not exceed six months outside the country or the length of stay granted to them. A valid return visa may be obtained for a period not exceeding one year if they wish to be absent from the country for more than six months and for a maximum period of one year or for the duration of residence (whichever is lower) before traveling in order to enter and resume their previous residence.