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Customs Regulations

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Passengers arriving to Egypt (Egyptians & Non-Egyptians)

  • There are no restrictions on the amount of foreign currency carried upon arrival in the country subject to disclosure of the amount of (10) ten thousand dollars or the equivalent of other foreign currencies and may be carrying the amount of local currency up to (5) five thousand Egyptian pounds.
  • Prohibited bringing any seeds or agricultural seedlings to prevent the transfer of pests and in that case are executed by the quarantine.
  • Disclosure to the customs director in the case of possession of items subject to customs collection.

Passengers departing from Egypt (Egyptians non-Egyptians)

  • The maximum allowed for foreign exchange is (10000) ten thousand US dollars or equivalent of other foreign currencies and allows non-Egyptians to carry the remaining amounts of the condition provided that it was disclosed on arrival and may carry the local currency of the amount of (5) five thousand Egyptian pounds .
  • Prohibited possession of drugs or electronic devices beyond personal use.

Allowed and not allowed items policy

  • Passenger is not allowed to carry any flammable liquids, mercury, liquid and dry batteries, electronic devices that contain lithium like (computers, cameras, car batteries, lighting system) except for private mobile.
  • Frozen items are banned inside baggage and any liquid that exceeds 100ml except for the bought ones from the duty free inside airport on condition to be sealed and keeping the receipt to ensure the source to keep safety on board.
  • Any illegal drugs are completely prohibited to be on board to keep safety.