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The Ministry of Civil Aviation stands ready for the reception of Egypt’s guests of “World Youth Forum -2019” .Egypt air, the national company, is the official carrier of delegations.


Within the frame work of the preparations of World Youth Forum in its third session in Sharm EL-Shiekh over the period from 14 to 17 December 2019 by the attendance of huge number of guests from all over the world providing to the vital and crucial role played by the Egyptian airports as the first gate of Egypt that meets the conferences and the key international events hosted by the Republic of Egypt, MR. Lieutenant General. Younis EL-Masry, the Minister of Civil Aviation has declared that the Ministry of Aviation is at full alert for the reception of Egypt’s guests taking part in the forum from all over the world. Accordingly, the airports of Cairo and Sharm EL-Shiekh along with Egypt air, the national company and the official carrier of the forum, have completed their preparations to meet the participating guests of such major event. Furthermore, the minister has directed to provide all the facilities required for receiving the guests of the forum by finalizing their arrival and departure procedures smoothly .Providing to that, offering the highest levels of comfort and safety out of the high importance of the forum internationally as it mainly takes part in forming reputable image and positive impressions on Egypt and its place amongst all the world. His Excellency has pointed out that the Ministry of Civil Aviation has concluded all the preparatory and coordinating meetings required for preparing the Egyptian airports to embrace such major event, confirming that the Egyptian airports stand ready completely with the highest levels of security to host such key international conferences. In addition to that, the Ministry of Civil Aviation with the synergetic efforts of all the ministries and the concerned parties is at the highest levels of alert to meet the gusts of Egypt participating in the forum that is held in “the world piece country” one of the most significant international touristic destinations . Furthermore, the Minister has urged the workers of the Egyptian airports that host the guests of Egypt to necessarily be committed and to exert extra effort and the serious work for representing Egypt’s position in the international arena, so as to reputably emerge the kind image of Egypt before the delegations from all over the world. Both Cairo Airport and Sharm EL-Shiekh Airport have finalized all preparations required for the reception of the forum delegations. In addition to that, squads of team work have been composed of public relations, the station and passengers’ services in order to, meet the participants, guide the delegations and to provide them with full information around the participation in the activities of the forum. Furthermore, the hosting airports of the conference delegations and the buses which are carrying them have been decorated with the slogan and the posters of the forum. Providing to, raising the efficiency of the internal and external yard gardens of the Airport as appropriate to the terms of civilization of Sharm El sheikh International Airport. It is worth mentioning that the recently inaugurated terminal building (2) has been prepared to be dedicated for the departure of the delegations after the conclusion of the forum proceedings.