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Duty Free

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Duty Free shops have indeed revolutionized airport shopping in Egypt. With a total of 4,000 sqm of retail space, Cairo International Airport’s Duty Free shops are now able to offer passengers a broad array of international brands not available in other airport locations throughout the country.

Terminal 1

Cairo Airport Duty Free operating on the first floor will also be expanding into new areas offering new concepts and further improving the shop mix

Location : Departure - post

Terminal 2

Duty free shops are located within the customs office: In transit area (B) First floor - Bus Gate area / Access area Long VIP Read More The first floor / first floor area (C) (Porsche) and outside the customs office: the area of the receptors / outside the building next to the door No. 6 and the mosque .Read Less

Location : Departure–post / Arrival-pr

Terminal 3

The Duty Free shops in Terminal 3 provide an easily accessible, open plan and vastly spacious shopping environment. Cairo Airport Duty Read More Free also opened new outlets in Terminal 3 giving passengers an even wider selection of goods, gifts and duty free items. A store on landside has also been opened to provide well wishers, meters and greeters as well passengers, convenience items such as Travel Goods, News Papers & Magazines, Music & DVD, Pre-Paid Phone Cards, etc.Read Less

Location : Departure -post

Please note that the arrival Duty Free shops may be accessed up to 48 hours after arrival in

Duty Free shops

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