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NE181 YENBO 7:40 AM
MS5666 MADINAH 7:50 AM
E5512 ABHA 7:55 AM
MS666 JEDDAH 7:55 AM
RJ501 AMMAN 8:00 AM
MS719 AMMAN 7:55 AM
SM3132 Aswan 8:00 AM
FT3725 Aswan 8:00 AM
SM1 Sharm ElSheikh 8:00 AM
SM50 Hurghada 8:00 AM
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Cairo Airport

Cairo International Airport history started in the forties of the last century when the American Bayn Field air-force base was established five kilometers far from Almaza Airport to serve the Alliance during the Second World War. The American forces left the base by the end of the war.

In 1945, the Civil Aviation Authority took over the base and allocated it to the International Civil Aviation. The Airport was called "King Farouk 1st Airport". In the meantime, Almaza Airport was dedicated to the domestic flights.


Ahlan Service

There is nothing brighter and more comfortable than finding a smiling face waiting for you when you arrive or depart Cairo International Airport.

In arrival Ahlan representative will be waiting for you carrying a sign in your name then will transport you by Ahlan dedicated car to our lounges (VIP only) and will take care of you while you stay in the lounge until we finalize arrival procedures and claim your luggage and insure good care until you leave

In departure Ahlan representative will take care of you and your luggage while you stay at the lounge and on your behalf our we will finalize all travel procedures then will transport you by our Ahlan dedicated car to the final gate.

Hot Line : 002-16708

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