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  Major Restaurants


  Shop Name Location
Bill Bentley’s (Bar & Restaurant) Terminal 1,departure ,concourse
  Roasti Café  (self service restaurant) Terminal 1,departure ,Public area
Burger King  Terminal 1,Departure ,Public area
Puro Gusto  Terminal 1,Departure ,Public area
Hippo Bar and Grill Terminal 3,departure ,concourse
Gino’s Pizza and Pasta  Terminal 3,departure ,concourse
McDonald’s Terminal 1,departure ,concourse
YUMCHA Terminal 3,departure ,concourse




  Shop Name Location
  AeroCafe Terminal 1,arrival ,Hall2 & 4 
Terminal 1,departure,Public area
Coffee Shop Company Terminal 1,departure,concourse
Terminal 3 – domestic departure
Terminal 3- Arrival-Meet & Greet
Segafredo Café   Terminal 1,departure, concourse
Terminal 3,departure,concourse
Ritazza  Terminal 1 ,Arrival Hall 3
  Coffee Time  Terminal 3 - departure ,concourse
  Coffee Time Express  Terminal 3-Departure ?Public Area
 Cilantro  Terminal 3 - departure ,concourse
Chez edy   Terminal 3 - departure,concourse
Starbucks    Terminal 1,departure,concourse



  Bars & Snacks


  Shop Name Location
Bill Bentley’s (Bar & Restaurant)  Terminal 1,departure ,concourse
Ritazza Terminal3,departure.concourse
  Take Away


  Shop Name Location
Cilantro Terminal 3 – departure,concourse
Chez edy Terminal 3 - departure,concourse
Segafredo Terminal 3,departure,concourse
Terminal 1,departure, concourse
Beanos Café Terminal 1,departure ,concourse
Cinnabon Terminal 1,departure,concourse
Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Terminal 1,departure ,concourse
McDonald’s Terminal 1,departure ,concourse
Starbucks Terminal 1,departure,concourse
  To GO Terminal 3,departure,concourse
Cup&cino Terminal 3,departure,concourse
Upper Crust  Terminal 3,departure,concourse 







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