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Description: E:\OW02022010\AAAAAFinal Report\OW\IMG_0159.jpgTerminal 2 was inaugurated in 1986 providing 7 boarding gates and pier parking stands up to Boeing 747-400.
During the last 25 years, it served primarily European, Gulf and Asian airlines but finally could not be converted to a hub serving, integrated terminal, following  CACs strategy to develop a hub serving Africa and Middle Eastern Countries. Therefore it was decided to plan, design and built a complete new building in the given boundaries of the existing infrastructure.


Hence in April 2010 Terminal 2 was shut down and closed for operations, Saudi Airlines moved as the last airline in its new facilities in Terminal 1.
The complete renovation of TB2 is planned to be finished within 36 months and will start in 2010/2011. For all landside and airside works, cost is estimated at approximately 400 million USD.


With reopening in 2013, the entire terminal's "look & feel" will improve dramatically. Furthermore it will double TB2’s capacity to around 8 million and increase the total value to26 million passengers/year.  The number of gates will increase from 7 to 14, including Airbus A380 facilities.
State of the art designed retail areas guarantee passenger convenience and comfort as well optimized revenues.


The new Terminal 2 will be jointly operated with Terminal 3 as one integrated terminal.  This concept is fully in line with CACs strategy to support Hub Operation for MENA and African Traffic.

Description: C:\Users\dr.azza.CAIRO-AIRPORT\Pictures\TB3\FAA_630x.jpgTo monitor and manage all airport and hub operations from one centralized location, Terminal 2 will host the new Airport Operations Control Center (AOCC).It will be located on-top of the new Terminal and supervise operation in Terminal 1, 2, 3, airside and also curbsid.
The location ensures perfect view on contact as well as remote stands, linked Taxiways and shortest possible walking distance to Terminal Operation TB2/3, the IT facilities will ensure quickest response times, smooth and efficient measures for treating any deviation from normal operation - even before the customer gets to know it. The AOCC will be backed up (contingency) by existing TOC facility inTB3 and Emergency Center TB1.

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