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For the safety of our passengers, kindly note the security & safety regulations set by the Government of Egypt, hence International Aviation Regulations have to be strictly followed by all passengers, staff & visitors of the Cairo International Airport.

(Check your airline's set regulations)


New security rules for hand luggage

On all flights originating at this airport liquids may only be taken on board in limited quantities


In order to protect passengers against the new danger posed by liquid explosives, the International Civil Aviation Organization
(ICAO) has recommended new security regulations. The new regulations will apply at this airport until further notice.
Please take note of these new regulations for hand luggage and take them into account when planning your journey. It is still possible to pack liquids in your checked luggage. The new rules only apply to hand luggage.

liquids   New restriction:  

All containers, with a maximum capacity of 100ml, must be packed in a transparent, re-sealable 1 litre plastic bag

  bullet Only one bag is permitted per passenger  
  bullet The bag must be completely sealed  
    Examples of liquids:  
bullet Perfumes bullet Creams
bullet Shaving foams bullet Pastes, including toothpaste
bullet Deodorants bullet Oils
bullet Gels bullet Mascara
bullet Sprays bullet Drinks
bullet Shampoos bullet Soups
bullet Lotions bullet Syrups, etc.
medical stuff  


Medicines and special food (e.g. baby food) required during the
flight do not need to be carried in the plastic bag. These items
have to be presented at the security check too.



 Duty free items, purchased at this airport, may be carried in a
sealed bag, accompanied by a receipt of purchase dated the
same day. The bag must be sealed at the point of purchase.
Please note that these airport-purchased items may not be
permitted through any transfer airport in your journey. Relevant
information can be obtained from the respective sales outlets.







Authorized items in your hand-baggage but are prohibited to be used during taxing, take-off and landing:
Portable Computers.
Video cameras.
Radio, Television sets.

Authorized items in your hand-baggage, but are prohibited to be used during the flight:
Remote Controls
Cellular telephone, radio receiver & transmitter.
Prohibited items in your baggage or on your person.
Explosives, munitions, fireworks& flares ...etc.
Compressed gas.
Camping gas stoves.
Gas lighters (except on your person)
Inflammable products.
Matches (except on your person)
Corrosive, oxidizing, irritant items.
Poisonous items.
Etiologic agents.
Radio active materials.
Magnetized material.
Firearms (or similar looking Toys)
Knives, scissors. (or similar looking Toys)
Any kind of drugs in any form.


Egypt succeeded to fulfill all the security standards for the passengers safety.

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