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How to go through the Egyptian Customs

If you have more than the duty free allowances or if you have prohibited or restricted goods, go into the RED channel and declare them to an officer in the customs declaration.

If you have nothing more than the duty free allowances and no prohibited or restricted goods go straight through the Green Channel unless asked to stop by an officer.

Your Exemptions
Personal Effects

New partial items of value not exceeding 100 Egyptian pounds.

One liter of alcoholic drinks, Plus 200 grs. Cigarettes or 25 Cigars or 200 grs. Of Tobacco.

Medals, rewards and the like which have been won in international sporting events.

Furniture, equipment, personal effects and cars, which have been temporarily exported from Egypt if the owner's original locations are in Egypt.

Photographic machines, typewriters, calculators, radios, cassette recorders, video, tape players, video cameras, personal jewelry and ornaments. . Etc, which are usually accompanied by tourists or Egyptian immigrants for use during their tours. Customs officers have to register the accompanied items in their passports on arrival.

Egyptian working and living outside the country may enjoy the same facilities aforementioned on arrival in Egypt against depositing the guarantee determined by customs authorities to ensure re-exportation.

Goods of value not more than 200 $ purchased by travelers coming into the country from the free shops located in the ports or inside the country within one month from the arrival may be exempted from customs duties.

There is no limitation as to the amount of foreign currency that you may bring into or take out of Egypt.

There is a limit of 1000 Egyptian Pounds that you bring into or take out Egypt.



Egypt succeeded to fulfill all the security standards for the passengers safety.

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