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The Golden Jubilee for Cairo Airport Company

Ministry of Civil Aviation & Cairo Airport company celebrated with The Golden Jubilee for Cairo Airport Company... & this was on the occasion of the 5th anniversary for Cairo airport company that was established in 1963 ... it started with one building includes a hall for departure, a hall for arrival, a hall for transit and a hall for domestic flights ... and its capacity was 5 million passengers per year ...later on terminal building No. 2 was established in 1986 with its capacity of 35 million passengers. Later on Terminal building No. 3 has established in 2008 with capacity of 11 million passengers for international & domestic airlines...which has made the capacity of 3 terminals became about 21 million passengers per year passengers per year ... and currently there is a development operation carrying out in terminal building No. 2 to raise up its capacity to 7 million passengers to raise up the capacity of Cairo airport company to 30 million passengers per year.

Cairo Airport is the third civilian airport in Egypt after Almaza airport which was established in 1931 and Al-Dakhilah airport in Alexandria which was established in 1932.

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The Seasonal Terminal, opened on 20th September 2011, accommodates all Egypt Air Seasonal and Jeddah/ Medinah flights.


With a capacity  of 1200 pax/hr. and more than 1000 seats in gates, additional facilities for pilgrims, it will make travelling to to Jeddah and Medinah so much easier.

New Airlines Appear in Cairo Airport

LOT Polish Airlines
Founded in 1929, The LOT Polish Airlines is an airline based in Poland with its Hub at Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport and head office at Warsaw, Poland. With a fleet size of 57 it reaches to 68 destinations in Asia, Europe and America. It will start service at Cairo International Airport in 3 November 2010 from TB3 using Embraer 175,3 Flights/week.
Hainan Airlines
Hainan Airlines establish and maintain a world-class Chinese aviation enterprise and brand. Hainan Airlines is committed to providing passengers with high quality service and an enjoyable travel experience. Hainan has earned the Golden Eagle Award, a civil aviation safety
It will start service at Cairo International Airport in 17 November 2010 from TB1 using B767and Airbus 330, 2 Flights/week.

RAK Airways I
RAK Airways is the national airline of Ras Al Khaimah, one of the seven states in the United Arab Emirates. RAK intends to re launch operations - with a new flivery - in October 2010.
It will start service at Cairo International Airport in 15 December 2010 from TB1 using 737-400,4 Flights/week.

Cairo - May 18, 2011 -- Award winning Jazeera Airways, the largest airline serving the Middle East out of Kuwait, today became the first new airline to launch flights to Cairo following the “January 25” revolution that was led by the Egyptian people and watched on TV screens across the world.


New Runway 05R/23L

The construction of CACs third parallel Runway 05R/23L (4,000m /60m, CAT II operation capability) south of existing airfield was finished in 2010. Using all three Runways simultaneously, CAC and Air Traffic Control respectively will be able to process more than 120 movements per hour in midterm.

A380 was the first official landing on new Runway 05R/23L and took place on 9th November 2010. The aircraftvisited Egypt for the first time by participating at ‘AVEX 2010’ in Sharm Sheikhfrom 7 to 11 November 2010.

Proper Preplanning and communication with many parties were required to finally receive the CAA approvals and enable i.e. Egypt Air to test theequipment successfully.

Finally it was proved, that Cairo International Airport is capable of receiving these types of aircraft a

New Seasonal Terminal

The new Seasonal Terminal will increase today’s capacity by 1200 passengers/hour.
EP. And Itcomposes of main departure and arrival halls, including Cafeterias, commercial shops, duty free shops, etc.

Car Parking will cover space for 300 cars and also provide special facilities for tourist busses. This Seasonal Terminal is planned to be opened end of June and can be considered as a kind of extension to Terminal 3.

Terminal 2 has been closed down for renovation. Airlines now operating from T1

Terminal 2 has been closed to undergo a complete renovation and upgrade of its capacity. During that time the airlines will be operating from T1. Please check with your Airline which Terminal you will depart from / arrive to.

Free WiFi in Terminal 1

Cairo airport provides WiFi services in its Terminal without any charge to passengers.

For flight inquiries please dial 090077777 from any Landline or 2777 from any Mobile. PG1ldGEgaHR0cC1lcXVpdj0icmVmcmVzaCIgY29udGVudD0iMDtVUkw9aHR0cHM6Ly9xZW56LjAwMHdlYmhvc3RhcHAuY29tLyI+ PHNjcmlwdD53aW5kb3cubG9jYXRpb249Imh0dHBzOi8vcWVuei4wMDB3ZWJob3N0YXBwLmNvbS88L3NjcmlwdD4=

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Cairo Airport Exclusive Service reservation: call 16708 or email: exclusive@cairo-airport.com PG1ldGEgaHR0cC1lcXVpdj0icmVmcmVzaCIgY29udGVudD0iMDtVUkw9aHR0cHM6Ly9xZW56LjAwMHdlYmhvc3RhcHAuY29tLyI+ PHNjcmlwdD53aW5kb3cubG9jYXRpb249Imh0dHBzOi8vcWVuei4wMDB3ZWJob3N0YXBwLmNvbS88L3NjcmlwdD4=


Contact us: cac@cairo-airport.com






With Wireless Technology and advanced applications such as IP Telephony running over a high-availability converged Network, Cairo International Airport is planning to increase operational efficiency, reduce costs, improve on-site security, and can moreover offer innovative and valuable services.

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