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Within the development plans for Cairo Airport Company to provide excellent services to its customers, Terminal1- hall4, which is dedicated to Private Jet services for passengers requesting excellent services and modern facilities is fully operating, Hall 4 has proven to be one of the most successful General aviation Halls in the Middle East.

Overview of the Services & Procedures.

Arrival & Handling:


Handle Arriving and Departing Private Jets of all types up to the G5.

The Services provided :

  • Tarmac Service.
  • Hall services to the jet owner, the crew and the expeditor.
  • In case of passengers on board, the passenger services is according to the set fee.
The Total fees of 500 US $ (five hundred US dollars) covers the above mentioned services excluding extra passengers on board.
Fees of providing the services for heavy aircraft would be subject to the agreement with the ground handling company.
  Extra passenger Fees:

Hall services for passengers are as follows:

  • 50 US $ for non Egyptian passengers.
  • 200 LE for Egyptian Passengers.
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The aforementioned fee is subject to a 50% discount in case of heavy weight aircrafts .

  Lounges :

Lounges at both arrivals and departure, CIP & The VIP Lounges provide immaculate privacy;
Lounges are available upon prior request; the fees and terms of use are found at the information desk.


Corporate Agreements:


Hall 4 Service requisition form should be submitted by the agency or representative company of the person requesting the services.
Companies or Agencies may need to have agreements on monthly basis, they would be requested to deposit 10.000 US$ as down payment on the following account:

  • The fees for services conducted will be deducted consequently from that down payment. If the down payment is used to its 80%, an additional coverage will be required.
  • A payment of 10 Egyptian Pounds for Car Parking, regardless the Parking Period.


For more information please contact the following numbers
(Telephone: +202-2654595 or 202-2654596
Fax: +202 6371408)

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