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Remarkable improvements are taking place in Cairo International Airport !!!

   Aviation is one of the most highly advanced technological business globally, but this results in numerous direct & indirect effects on the environment, addressing various issues of high importance to the Society.

    Cairo Airport company CAC has made environmental awareness & management efforts, as an integral part of its new strategic concept. Its environmental goals are complying with both Local, International Environmental legislation, and the Civil Aviation Guidelines, aiming at ensuring the best interest of both the Civil Aviation Industry in Egypt and the surrounding environment with all its different branches.

    In the course of our new expansion plans for the terminal, and the aim of becoming a Passenger as well as a Cargo hub in the Middle East & African continent area, CAC have developed an Environmental Impact Assessment Study "EIA" with the assistance of experienced Project mangers, Consulting firms & consultants. The study is complying with the World Bank for Investment & Development's Regulations & the ICAO and has actually taken a remarkable step toward addressing & implementing the study - the adhering Mitigation measures & Environmental Management Plans suggested.

    Within the expansion phase that has already been inaugurated, CAC has performed several Economic & Feasibility studies to confirm its final decision that the expansion of the current location is the best alternative, and the construction of the New Terminal Building III, has been proved to be environmentally & economically the ideal solution for the expansion sought by CAC.

Environmental Impact Assessment For Updating and Modernizing Terminal Building 2 (Arabic)

Environmental Impact Assessment For Updating and Modernizing Terminal Building 2 (English)


The Major Fields of the Assessment


Social &Economic Impacts.
Air Quality Impacts.
Noise Impacts.
Animal Life.

Legislation & Regulations.
Environmental Management Plan.




Cairo International Airport takes a giant step ahead

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