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    There are other facilities in the airport as: both international and national telephone services, screens and monitors with detailed flight information, telephones for passenger's inquiries using IVR will be installed, banking facilities, rent cars companies, information desks, post office, pharmacy, clinic, disabled traveler facilities, baggage trolleys, and porters are also available.

    The development plan takes into consideration the huge commercial opportunities that serve the airports today.  As airports are commercial projects whose performance should always be geared towards increasing revenues, international studies show that air transport fees represent only 40% of airport revenues, a percentage that is expected to shrink to 20% in 10 years. Meanwhile commercial operations will provide 80 % of the airport revenues. One of the ways to increase the airport revenue is planting flowers on a hundred feddans of its lands, as the airport has made arrangements to export these flowers to various European countries.

     The Airport faces continuous developments as enlarging the capacity of the transit hall from 1200 to 4500 passengers per hour, and a new parking area with the capacity of 800 vehicles has been constructed at a cost of 25 million pounds.

    Amongst the new services, a new VIP Arrival and Departure Hall, which will be constructed outside the airport with a capacity of 180-200 passengers per hour. The new hall will be completed within 8 months, mainly serves the first class passengers and businessmen who want to pay more but to have rest in luxurious lounges while their papers and luggage are being checked.

    The development plans of terminals 1 & 2 include 43 projects, some of which are the reconstruction of the infrastructure, electricity, water, drainage and air conditioning systems.

    Hall 3, which is allocated for domestic flights, has been upgraded into an international hall. The LE 60 million projects will be implemented within eight months. There is also a multi-story underground garage is being constructed to serve those who need long-time parking .

    To avoid traffic jams in Al-Orouba st., which is the main road connects the airport with downtown, a new road is currently under construction to provide an alternative route during peak times. This new route will improve traffic congestion along the airports main access routes.

    Cairo Airport Development Project will be completed early the next year. By then, it will be as modem as one of the oldest airports in the Middle East. It won't be the best of all, but it will be able to compete with the most modern airports in the region.

    There are high expectations that the renovations will help the 40-years old hub to keep up with the increased air traffic coming up into Egypt, as well as the changes in modern aviation that have taken place since the airport was first built.




Renovated & expanded parking facilities are available at Cairo International Airport

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